Hospitality & Residential

Preda Consulting Engineer, PC, has extensive experience with Hospitality & Residential projects projects.
Here are a few samples:

Private Residence

The estate occupies approximately 28 acres of suburban land with high growth, tropical vegetation and open access to the sea shore, public beaches and boat docks. The residential complex encompasses main residences and villas, theatre and gym buildings, beach cottage and other appurtenances.

Our team of engineers and consultants performed comprehensive feasibility studies, security risk and crime prevention studies, reviewed security policies, operations procedures and manpower.

Preda Consulting Engineer, PC engineers evaluated existing infrastructure including the security lighting, security and communications systems, electric power distribution, fire and life safety issues, and provided overall property assessment for deployment and upgrade of comprehensive security measures and systems.

The project was executed in collaboration with Insite Security LLP which provided client representation.

Project Location: Confidential
Project Size: 28 acres

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